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Smoke Alarms for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Did you know that if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing…or you know someone that is… the local fire departments will give you, or your friend, free smoke detectors?  There are smoke alarms that use light or vibration to alert the resident.  As people age, they often lose the ability to hear the high pitched sound of a smoke alarm, so there are alarms that emit a mixed, low-pitch sound that is easier to hear.

Here is a link for some local fire departments that provide this service:

Overland Park
Kansas City, KS
Kansas City, MO


Low, low rates!

In case you were wondering if rates have finally come up…they have not!


Did you know that when you go to sell your house, chances are great that you will have to treat for termites?  If there is any evidence of termites, even if they are not active right now, and no treatment is found, you MUST treat.  It is part of the real estate contract and it is not negotiable.  All loans require a termite inspection and those pesky termites are everywhere!

ValuePest.com does a great job with treatment and they are one of the least expensive out there that I have found.  Check them out here if you want to be proactive and treat or you know you already have those nasty wood eaters in your house!

Bluejacket Crossing

Today’s winery is located just around the bend in Eudora Kansas.  It is Bluejacket Crossing at 1969 North 1250 Road.  The first planting was in 2002 and they have won quite a few awards since they started!

They do have wine tastings.  The tasting room hours are Wednesday – Friday: Noon to 6:00pm, Saturday – 10:00am to 6pm and Sunday – Noon to 6:00pm.  You can even find jewelry and crafts by local artists in their tasting room.

Check out their site here and let me know once you have checked out their wine!

Stone Pillar Vineyard

Happy Friday!  Today is winery day and we are going to take a look at Stone Pillar Vineyard.  It is right here in Olathe at 11000 S. Woodland Road.

Stone Pillar is a family owned and run business that offers wine tastings during all business hours!  They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays but you can check them out Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 6pm.

Their next event is tomorrow!  It is “Music in the Vineyard”.  Enjoy a wine tasting, a little BBQ and music by Richelle Perkins. FUN! Click on this link for more info!

Bella Patina

You have heard me talk about Good JuJu’s before and here is another FANTASTIC shop in the West Bottoms that you must check out.  My fabulous friend Erin (who’s blog can be found here!) has a new booth at Bella Patina starting this month.  She has some absolutely gorgeous stuff at amazing prices.  She takes stuff that people like me think are just junk…outdated, boring, ick…and she turns them into magic!  The photo above is the “before” of one of her pieces.  The “after” is below!  So, head down Friday morning and see Erin.  My sister, Katy, and I will be down there too so maybe we will see you there!

Check out the Bella Patina site here for more info, hours and directions.
See you tomorrow!

Huge houses…cheap?

Well, maybe not cheap, but they are being sold at a huge discount!  Check out these super cool HUGE houses with major price cuts…Like this beauty above.  The price was recently cut by $2m! Now it is ONLY $16m.  Have any spare change that you can spend on one of these?