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Low, low rates!

In case you were wondering if rates have finally come up…they have not!


Rates even lower…

Good news!  According to Freddie Mac, the average rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate loan fell to 4.09% this week, its lowest level in 60 years. Last week, the 30-year fixed averaged 4.12%. The average rate for a 15-year fixed mortgage — a popular option among those who wish to refinance — sunk to 3.30%, down from 3.33% last week, Freddie reported.

WOW! Rates are even LOWER???

According to MSNBC…

The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage has fallen to its lowest level on records dating to 1971.

Five years ago, the average 30-year fixed rate was near 6.5 percent. In 2000, it exceeded 8 percent.

The average rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage, which is popular for refinancing, fell to 3.36 percent, also a record low.

The average for one-year adjustable-rate loans fell to 2.86 percent, the lowest on records going back to 1984.


Tips for Securing a Mortgage

No, getting a mortgage, or refinancing one, is not what it was five years ago!  Since the subprime-mortgage conflagration, the bar has been raised on qualifying for a mortgage…higher credit scores, lower debt-to-income ratios, etc.!  But, people are getting mortgages every day, so it certainly can be done!  Check out Holden Lewis’s slide show for, 10 tips to snag a mortgage in 2011 If there is a category in which you are not up to snuff, start working on it now, and before you know it, you will qualify for a mortgage! And remember, you don’t need a 740 credit score to get a mortgage…trust me!  If your biggest problem is your credit scores, check out our past blogs on how to raise yours.  A  loan officer is also a terrific source of advice on how to get where you want to be, and we can recommend numerous terrific, honest loan officers.



New Listing in Mission Village!

We have a  new listing in quaint Mission Village!  Get into a charming neighborhood at a very affordable  price!  Lots has been done to this house in the last six months, including the addition of a new 30-year Timberline roof!  Check it out!  At this price, with interest rates still so low, this is a terrific opportunity!

To owning your own home~                                                                                               Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

In our current economic climate, many property owners are interested in paying off their mortgage early.  They want the comfort and security of owning their home free and clear.  Is it for you?  If you have been thinking about it, take a peek at Sally Herigstad’s article for, How to pay off your mortgage early, for four suggestions on how to go about getting that mortgage paid off.

To doing what works for you~                                                                                     Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Who’s Who When You’re Purchasing a Home

Purchasing your first home?  It at first can seem overwhelming.  You might feel like the whole world is involved, and there are quite a few people involved…all there to help you through the logistics, all a necessary part of the process!  From your Realtor to your closing agent, professionals will guide you through the process, and your Realtor is key in arranging their involvement.  Read Leah L. Culler’s article for MSN Real Estate, A who’s who guide to buying your first home, so you can get a very good idea of who you can expect to meet as you travel down the path of purchasing your first and subsequent homes! 

To your real estate professionals~                                                                          Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group