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Smoke Alarms for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Did you know that if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing…or you know someone that is… the local fire departments will give you, or your friend, free smoke detectors?  There are smoke alarms that use light or vibration to alert the resident.  As people age, they often lose the ability to hear the high pitched sound of a smoke alarm, so there are alarms that emit a mixed, low-pitch sound that is easier to hear.

Here is a link for some local fire departments that provide this service:

Overland Park
Kansas City, KS
Kansas City, MO


Stay Safe This Summer!

My absolute favorite thing to do during the summer is go to the pool.  However, as you know, the pool can be a dangerous place in the summertime, especially for kids!  The Red Cross has some great tips to keep your kids safe at the pool and around any body of water this year. You can see their recommendations here.

If you own your own pool, you can take a course in pool safety through the Red Cross.  You can check that out here!

Stay safe this summer and enjoy the pool!

~Betsy, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Home Inspection: Buyers, Don’t Miss Out!!

Buyers, don’t miss out!  Always have any property that you are considering purchasing inspected!!  You, your agent, your parents…no one can catch what an inspector can discover, no matter how great a home may look to the naked eye.  Home inspections, including full house inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, mold inspection, pool inspection, structural inspection, drainage inspection…they are infinitely important and can keep you from purchasing a money pit nightmare!  Not every inspection is necessary for every purchasing situation.  Your Realtor can help advise you.  Always have  a Realtor representing you as a buyer because, trust me, home inspection negotiations is where things can get dicey!      

Very often inspections are the buyer’s best negotiating tool regarding requesting repairs and updates and negotiating price!  Paying for home inspections will be the best money you spend when purchasing a home.  And the older the home, the more important a home inspection!

Post-inspection negotiation  is a major component of the home buying process, a component  in which you most need a Realtor to represent YOUR interests.  Select a Realtor that you feel confident can intelligently, boldly negotiate for you, often do battle for you!  Buyers and their Realtor should be at all home inspections.  Read Al Heavens’ RISMedia article, Home Inspections an Essential Tool for Buyers, for all the reasons you should spend some cash on home inspections!  Don’t scrimp in this arena!

To purchasing a financially healthy, safe  home~                                                        Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Flooding is the #1 naturally occurring  disaster in the United States.  It is important to have your home covered against the natural disasters that are most likely to affect your property.  Know what your basic homeowner’s insurance policy covers regarding flooding, then assess whether, given your circumstances, you require more.  Most standard homeowner’s policies do not cover damage caused by flooding, and such damage can be extensive and expensive.  To put it simply, homeowner’s policies typically cover water falling from the sky…rain, melting snow.  Flood insurance covers water rising from the ground…swollen creeks, rivers, etc.  Know that even with flood insurance, finished basements still pose a coverage issue!  Of course, your best source for information is your homeowner’s insurance policy agent, but a good read to get started on informing yourself is Claudia Buck’s article for, How Well Are You Insured Against Flooding?.

To protecting your home & finances~                                                                   Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group  

House Inspections/Maintenance/Repairs to Tackle Regularly

There are certain home inspections/maintenance/possible repairs that you should keep up on a regular basis, some because they can cost big bucks if you don’t, and others that can be home hazards if you don’t (like not having your dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis!).  Small-expense maintenance can avoid big-expense repairs in the future!  Check out Karen Haywood Queen’s article for Yahoo!’s Financially Fit, 6 House Repairs to Tackle, for some valuable advice on home maintenance items.

To keeping your home in good repair and safe~                                        Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

6 Critical Home Safety Tests

We all realize the importance of maintaining and updating  our home in order to preserve its value in the marketplace.  Don’t forget, however, that your and your family’s safety is an immensely important part of maintaining your home!  Check out MSN Real Estate’s Melinda Fulmer’s article, 6 home tests every homeowner should perform, for information and guidance on six tests, from radon to asbestos, that every homeowner should perform on their home!

Keep it safe~  Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group