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Did you know that when you go to sell your house, chances are great that you will have to treat for termites?  If there is any evidence of termites, even if they are not active right now, and no treatment is found, you MUST treat.  It is part of the real estate contract and it is not negotiable.  All loans require a termite inspection and those pesky termites are everywhere! does a great job with treatment and they are one of the least expensive out there that I have found.  Check them out here if you want to be proactive and treat or you know you already have those nasty wood eaters in your house!


Home Inspection Nightmares

Okay, one of the things I love about being a Realtor is hearing horror stories from home inspectors.  Most of them  deliver their stories very humorously, and you often need a good laugh in this business, especially when it comes to home inspections and subsequent negotiations!  I figured we could all use a good laugh on a Friday, and a reminder of WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HIRE A HOME INSPECTOR WHEN PURCHASING A HOME, so check out Home-inspection nightmares by This Old House.  Laugh…and learn why a home inspector is often your best friend when purchasing a home!

To  knowing what you are buying (or walking away from!)~                       Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group                               

Who’s Who When You’re Purchasing a Home

Purchasing your first home?  It at first can seem overwhelming.  You might feel like the whole world is involved, and there are quite a few people involved…all there to help you through the logistics, all a necessary part of the process!  From your Realtor to your closing agent, professionals will guide you through the process, and your Realtor is key in arranging their involvement.  Read Leah L. Culler’s article for MSN Real Estate, A who’s who guide to buying your first home, so you can get a very good idea of who you can expect to meet as you travel down the path of purchasing your first and subsequent homes! 

To your real estate professionals~                                                                          Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Home Inspectors…Gotta Love ‘Em!

Okay, I harp on this a bit, but you don’t want to become a home buyer horror story!  Do what Betsy and I always insist our home buyers do…spend the money on home inspections, from whole house to radon!  It is the best money you will spend during your home buying adventure!  It will make you chuckle as you read what some sellers will attempt to fool home inspectors, but you don’t want to be a home buyer that becomes  fodder for someone’s article on the probable tribulations of not having a home inspection!  Home inspectors are trained professionals, and they can save you a lot of money in the long run.  Check out Karen Aho’s article for MSN Real Estate, Home Horrors: Lessons from home inspectors, and keep your home buying experience one not fraught with expensive repairs!

To keeping the “scary” out of home purchases~                                               Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Threats to Your Home’s Value

Yes, you need to know!  If you are considering marketing your home, you must be realistic about your property’s value.  From location to lack of updates to neighborhood foreclosures to major system structures to curb appeal and more, Leah L. Culler of MSN Real Estate outlines threats to home value in her slide show, 13 big threats to your home’s value.

 Take a peek, because there are some threats you can remedy and some you can’t~  Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

Home Inspection: Buyers, Don’t Miss Out!!

Buyers, don’t miss out!  Always have any property that you are considering purchasing inspected!!  You, your agent, your parents…no one can catch what an inspector can discover, no matter how great a home may look to the naked eye.  Home inspections, including full house inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, mold inspection, pool inspection, structural inspection, drainage inspection…they are infinitely important and can keep you from purchasing a money pit nightmare!  Not every inspection is necessary for every purchasing situation.  Your Realtor can help advise you.  Always have  a Realtor representing you as a buyer because, trust me, home inspection negotiations is where things can get dicey!      

Very often inspections are the buyer’s best negotiating tool regarding requesting repairs and updates and negotiating price!  Paying for home inspections will be the best money you spend when purchasing a home.  And the older the home, the more important a home inspection!

Post-inspection negotiation  is a major component of the home buying process, a component  in which you most need a Realtor to represent YOUR interests.  Select a Realtor that you feel confident can intelligently, boldly negotiate for you, often do battle for you!  Buyers and their Realtor should be at all home inspections.  Read Al Heavens’ RISMedia article, Home Inspections an Essential Tool for Buyers, for all the reasons you should spend some cash on home inspections!  Don’t scrimp in this arena!

To purchasing a financially healthy, safe  home~                                                        Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group

April is “New Homes Month”!

April is “New Homes Month”!  Many of our clients have chosen to build new homes.  After viewing many re-sale homes, they decide that the only way they can really get their dream home is to build it!  While purchasing already-existing homes has great benefits for many people, so does purchasing a new home.  The  purchasing of a new home also provides terrific benefits to our economy;  it has a huge impact on our national economy.  In addition, building a new home can be great fun, because you select just what you want, and everything is brand new!  New homes can come with all the amenities you might have in mind, are up-to-date in every way, and come with warranties that make some home buyers feel extremely comfortable with their decision to build.  Take a peek at RISMedia’s article, New Homes Strengthen Economy Year Round, for an interesting look at the overall benefits of new homes.

To considering building a new home~                                                                    Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group