Deaf Cultural Center

As you might know, I am learning American Sign Language and I love it!  During our last week of summer school we went to the Deaf Cultural Center.  It is located in Olathe right by the Kansas School for the Deaf and it is the ONLY Deaf Cultural Center in the entire country!  I was amazed to learn that.  There are a lot of Deaf people in the US for only one cultural center!

Anyway, it is a super cool place.  There is a ton of information about Deaf history and Deaf culture.  Considering we are right here in KC near KSD and have a very large Deaf population, you should check it out!  They even have great programs for kids…schools can come, girl scout or boy scout troupes, etc. It is free to tour the museum and if you sign up for the kids’ prgram, called Hands On, it is $5 per participant.  That includes three 20 minute sessions: a mini sign language class, American Sign Language, story telling, and a craft with a deaf theme.  Fun!

So, check out their site here for more info and go visit as soon as you can!


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