First-Time Seller Advice!

For several years, it has been a new world out there when it comes to selling your home…and a not particularly pretty one!  However, it can still be done (we do it all the time!), if you are realistic from the start.  More importantly, hire a Realtor who knows how and to what demographic to market your home…the Atkinson-Thompson Group.  We do it all for you, and we are relentless in marketing your home!  Take a peak at Dana Dratch’s article for RISMedia, 3 Tips for the First-Fime Home Seller, for some great reality checks on selling your home.  These tips don’t apply to all first-time home sellers, but they certainly do to many!  These tips are good advice for repeat home sellers too!  Consult us, and we can advise you on what homes in your neighborhood are selling for! 

To recognizing the realities of today’s market~                                                 Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group                                         


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