Ask Questions at an Open House!!

Open houses are not just for viewing a particular property.  There is a lot of information that you can gain about a property while at an open house.  If you are truly interested in the property, don’t be shy; ask questions of the Realtor holding the open house.  If the Realtor doesn’t know the answers, he/she can get the answers for you.  If you don’t find the Realtor holding the open house particularly forthcoming or knowledgeable, make a list of your questions and have your Realtor find out the answers for you.  A buyer should always be represented by a Realtor for their own protection and source of information and advice.  Having a Realtor represent you costs a buyer nothing.  Take a peek at Melinda Fulmer’s article for MSN Real Estate, June buying advice: What questions should you ask at an open house?, for some solid advice on questions you might want to ask of a Realtor holding an open house or of the Realtor representing you in your search for a home!  

To getting answers to important questions~                                                      Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group



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