Still A Buyer’s Market, But Sellers Have New Confidence and Determination In Their Ability To Sell

Well, spring is bringing good news for the housing market!  The housing market is gaining momentum as many potential buyers and sellers decide that it is time to get into the real estate market.  Consumer confidence appears to be up!  There is no doubt that it is still a buyer’s market, but many potential sellers are gaining confidence that they can get their homes sold.  Potential sellers are getting busy on home improvements they feel are necessary in order to market their homes and, in addition to making home improvements before marketing their homes,  they are  willing to make modest concessions in order to get their homes sold.  Most consumers that are making improvements to their homes are looking at spending their money on energy-efficient home improvements that will attract buyers and bring a good return on their investment.  Many sellers are also willing to make buyer-requested repairs in order to get their home sold, but they are not willing to give away the farm!  It looks like the market for buyers and sellers is starting to gain balance, and this is a good thing in the long run, as it will eventually bring normalcy back to the real estate market, a good omen for the overall economy.  A good read for what is coming as spring arrives is Paige Tepping’s article for RISMedia, Buyer’s Market Spurs Confidence in Young Professionals and Affluent Homeowners.

To “back to a balance”~  Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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