Home Warranties…Well Worth the Money!!

Home warranties are a wonderful product.  Betsy and I not only encourage our sellers to offer a home warranty when marketing their property, but we also encourage all our buyers to request one as part of the negotiating process  if the seller is not already offering one!  In such a competitive real estate market, home warranties are majorly attractive to buyers, because they calm their fears about any large repairs looming in their future, and they are extremely beneficial to home sellers, because they cover the seller while their home is on the market.  Trust me, put a home on the market and something will go wrong…the furnace will malfunction, the air conditioning will have an issue, the dishwaher will need a new motor!  It just invariably happens!  Read RISMedia’s article, Home Warranties Protect Homeowners during Extreme Weather; Attract Buyers in Competitive Real Estate Market, for information on the benfits of home  warranties for both buyers and sellers!

Home warranties…money well-spent~                                                                  Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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