It’s Time To Buy Again

You can read 10 different articles and get 10 different opinions about the state of the real estate market today and where we are headed.  This article, shows a brighter outlook while still being realistic about what we are up against.

There are a couple great points to consider in this article.  One is the huge decline in new construction.  If this recovery is like others, “It will bring a severe shortage of housing.”  The typical average build time for a new home is 6 months.  As the market does pick up and home owners are looking for a new home now, that will drive the new construction market up.  With a severe shortage in housing, that then drives prices up.  That is a positive for the real estate market and therefore the economy, assuming prices do not get pushed back to an unreasonable amount.

This is really a very interesting and detailed article.  If you are intrigued by real estate today, check it out here.

-Betsy, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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