Credit Card Regulations: 6 New Ones That Actually Protect YOU

Credit card companies…for years it has been hard to keep up with their antics, hasn’t it?!  Well, things are improving regarding credit card company shenanigans, and I came across a good posting outlining a few changes that have been enacted that benefit you.  Credit card companies no longer hold all the power…nice!  I love the fact that they can no longer  prey on campus on young college students…been there in the recent past with a certain college student of my own!  Since the credit card companies knew the legislation was coming, most arbitrarily raised clients’ interest rates in time to beat the legislation, even for those clients with perfect payment histories.  Don’t be afraid to call your credit card companies and request an interest rate deduction!  Read Porcshe Moran’s article, 6 New Credit Card Regulations That Benefit You,  for the lowdown on a few other sleazy practices with which credit card companies can no longer get away!

To keeping credit card companies honest~                                                          Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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