Coming Spring 2012: Sea Life at Crown Center

Kansas City’s Crown Center is always trying to add new, fun exhibits and events to its repertoire.  Well, they have a big project coming our way; Crown Center has ambitious plans for spring 2012.  Initial plans call for a two-story aquarium, featuring more than 30 phenomenal displays.  You will be able to view sea life, from “shrimp and starfish to seahorses, sharks, and rays!”  Love it!   Kids and adults alike should be enthralled!  The aquarium will feature a walk-through underwater tunnel (nice!).  Visitors will be able to enjoy “a two-to-three hour journey depicting the fresh waters of the Missouri River to the warm blue coral of the Caribbean and the dark abyss of the Atlantic Ocean.”  The aquarium will occupy the first floor of Crown Center’s Halls’ department store, as well as a portion of the second floor.  Sounds impressive and awe-inspiring to me!  I can’t wait to take our granddaughter next spring!  Check it out at

To another fun exhibit coming to the Kansas City area; add this one to your calendar~                                                                                                                                Rosemary Thompson James, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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