Souper Bowl!

Harvesters feeds close to 600 families every month.  Only $1.00 equals five meals, so every single dollar counts!

Rosemary and I are part of the Overland Park Reece and Nichols office located at 119th and Quivira.  In conjunction with the Super Bowl, our office is working with Harvesters to raise money so we are sponsoring a virtual food drive.  We would love your support and donation!

There is one catch!  Rosemary and I are part of the “Steelers” team and therefore we want to beat the “Packers” team!  It doesn’t have anything to do with who we think might actually will win or who we want to win the Super Bowl… we just chose a side and now we WANT TO WIN the fund-raising SOUPER BOWL!  Just choose “Steelers” when you get to that screen. We would love your help and Harvesters would too!!! So, if you would like to support Harvesters, please click here to make a donation.

Atkinson-Thompson Group


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