Don’t Devalue Your Home!

Okay, if you are thinking of rennovations to your home, think practicality; think common sensical, think RETURN ON INVESTMENT!  Buyers are not looking for “over-the-top” these days.  They are looking for rennovations that save them money in the long run (energy updates, like new windows!) and updates that modernize a home…modest kitchen rennovations, like granite counter tops and new appliances; updated baths; refinished hardwood floors; new carpet; roofs in good shape or replaced!  Think “basics”!  Don’t convert your garage into another room.  People wanting a 3-bedroom house also want a garage, and they don’t want to have to go to the expense of converting that room back to a garage!  Hey, and no indoor basketball courts, and think twice about that pool you’ve always wanted!  Read Heather Levin’s 4 Rennovations That Will Devalue Your Home.  They aren’t the only 4 rennovations to avoid, but you’ll get the picture!

To return on investment and keeping it simple~                                                 Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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