Who needs a realtor? You do!!

Starting your new home search online?  Not surprising, since so many people do today, and not a bad idea either!  House shopping online can give you a good idea of what attracts you to a home, what you desire in a home, and where home prices are in an area in which you desire to live.  However, house searching online can also be extremely frustrating when you really get down to wanting to start viewing homes in person with “purchase” in mind!  

Starting your home shopping online will never replace the home searches that a realtor can do for you via their Multiple Listing Service, and no one can advise you better, represent you better, or negotiate your interests better than your very own realtor!  Not going it alone is the first suggestion The Wall Street Journal’s Sarah Max makes in her article 5 mistakes homebuyers make.  She goes on to make several more suggestion, and she is right on with every one of them!  Better yet, her first suggestion, engaging a realtor, can take care of the rest…a realtor can advise you on the remainder of Sarah Max’s suggestions, from recommending reputable lending institutions to home inspectors.

To being represented by a realtor~  Rosemary, Atkinson-Thompson Group


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