Financing Options for First-Time Homebuyers

Don’t let financing a mortgage scare you!  There are options, and a loan officer at a reputable lending institution will explain your options to you.  If you ever need a referral to one or more reputable loan officers/lending institutions, let us know; we will be delighted to assist you!   In the meantime, to understand the options available, not only for first-time buyers, but for many repeat buyers, check out Robert Stammer’s article for Investopedia, Financing Basics For First-Time Homebuyers.  It will allow you to enter the process of procuring a home mortgage with a good idea of what you might want to consider.  Of course, a good loan officer will guide you through your options, helping you select the best one for you, but it is nice to be familiar with the lingo and have some of the mystery taken out of home mortgages! 

To finding the right home loan for you~ Rosemary 


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