Getting Started on Owning a Home

This is such a great time for all homebuyers, but especially first-time homebuyers, since they don’t have a home to sell.  There are so many homes on the market from which to choose; home prices are down; and interest rates are at historic lows.  In her article for RealtyTimes, 10 Tips For New Buyers, Carla Hill sets forth some step-by-step directions for getting started on your goal of owning a home.  This is a nice refresher article for repeat buyers too! 

Pay special attention to getting a pre-approval and hiring an agent!  Getting a pre-approval from a lending institution means you are ready to engage a realtor to help you find a home in your price range and ready to make an offer when you decide on the home for you!  Suggestions 1-3 will be handled for you by a qualified loan officer at a lending institution (when you are going through the pre-approval process), so you can skip having to do that yourself.  Better yet, you can start with the Atkinson-Thompson Group; we can suggest multiple lending institutions/loan officers to you and walk you through the rest!

Check out tomorrow’s blog for a good overview of  first-time homebuyer mortgage financing options! 

To a smooth transition from renting to owning~ Rosemary


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