Homeowners Insurance: Don’t let yours pull a vanishing act!

Be careful when leaving your home vacant for any length of time!  Is your home on the market and you have moved elsewhere in the meantime, leaving your home vacant?  Are you planning an extended vacation?  Do you spend winters in another state?  These are all things to consider when it comes to your homeowners insurance!  If your home suffers damage…theft, fire, a broken water pipe…and your insurance company finds out that your home was unoccupied for a certain duration when the damage occurred, they can and will deny your claim.  Protect yourself by always letting your insurance company know what is going on; be completely honest with them!  Read Insure.com’s article on the subject, How your home insurance can vanish,  for some good advice on how to handle your home being vacant.

Protect your investment~  Rosemary


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