The Shack on Santa Fe

I have a new favorite…a local, family owned and operated burger joint that is focused on the environment and has GREAT food!  The Shack on Santa Fe is located at 80th and Santa Fe in downtown Overland Park (8039 Santa Fe Drive).  They serve locally raised, grass fed angus beef, local bread and local/organic produce.  They make everything to order and you have to watch what they are doing!  They have full potatoes sitting there… they cut them and drop them right into the oil for super fresh and tasty french fries.  They also have fresh onions that they batter and fry to order.  Now here is the best part… a cheeseburger with fries or onion rings is $5 with tax!  Try a 50/50 for a burger with fries and onion rings… also $5!  YUM!!!

You can become a Facebook fan too… just search for the The Shack on Santa Fe.



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