Home Pre-Inspections: A Good Idea?

If you are getting ready to market your home, a home pre-inspection can be a money-well-spent, great idea!  Buyers today are more concerned than ever with the condition of the home they are purchasing, and there can be so many deficiencies in a home of which the homeowner is not even aware…the need for a radon mitigation system, evidence of termites, roof damage or deterioration.  The list goes on!  If sellers are aware of deficiencies in their home, whether they be electrical and/or plumbing issues, heating and/or air conditioning issues, foundation issues, or one or more of those I mentioned earlier, they can be addressed before the home is marketed, avoiding costly surprises when a buyer orders their own home inspection and requests that the issues unacceptable to them be addressed.  If you have not had a home pre-inspection, repair items are not going to be something you have either already addressed, figured into the cost of selling your home, or figured into the price you ask for your home.  With a pre-inspection, you can avoid a lot of unpleasant surprises for the relatively low cost of a home inspection.  Click here for a good article on the subject on Housemaster.com’s website.  

To smooth post-contract negotiations and closings with no surprises for the seller~ Rosemary 


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